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Sold Listings: Manage your sales with speed
Want help tracking who paid and who hasn't? Want to know whether you've shipped an item? Let eBay Selling Manager Pro help track your item through the entire sales process.

Access your sales record by clicking on your unique sales record number.

See a list of all of your buyer email addresses and send them email in bulk using customizable email templates.

Print invoices and shipping labels in bulk for all the buyers you need to ship to.
Leave Feedback for your buyers all at the same time.

Relist your sold listings in bulk.

Each Selling Manager Pro sales record contains your transaction information: postage and packaging, insurance, buyer details, and a memo section where you can record when the buyer paid or left you feedback.

Keep track of when and how you communicate with buyers by viewing your personal log book - no more searching endlessly through emails.

Save specific notes on each of your sales. Use the notes section, which only you can see!

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