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Custom pages and headers

Any custom pages and headers you currently use won’t appear once you’ve converted to the new Shops experience. With our new branding options, you may find you don’t need them anymore. If you decide you do, you can always revert back to your old Shop.

Have questions?

Why should I convert to the new eBay Shops experience?
With the new Shops experience, promoting your unique brand is easier than ever before. Your Shop will have a sleek, clean and more modern look. You can better display your items with bigger pictures, so buyers will enjoy a better shopping experience. Plus, you can reach new customers by sharing what you sell on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
How difficult will it be to convert my Shop?

We'll take care of all the heavy lifting, so converting will be fast and easy. Click the Try it now to see preview your current Shop with a new, modern layout. Add a billboard image to illustrate your brand, or showcase special promotions and events, then just click Publish, and your new Shop’s ready to go.

Do I need to change the logo on my existing Shop?

We'll migrate your existing logo to the new Shop, but we strongly recommend that for a cleaner and bolder look, you update your logo with a 150-pixel x 150-pixel file that fits in the new square layout. The new logo layout is tablet-friendly and provides a more professional, modern look. And you can upload a new logo at any time.

Can I keep my old Shop once I’ve converted to a new one?

No. Once you’ve converted, you'll have just one Shop—the new and improved one. It'll have the same URL as your old Shop, so that returning customers can still find you. You can always choose to revert to your old Shop.

Can I change the name of my Shop?
You can change your Shop name at any point. The URL won’t change so that buyers who have bookmarked your Shop can still find you. This also helps your Shop appear higher in search results when buyers try to find you using search engines such as Google.
How soon can customers start shopping once I’ve converted?
As soon as you publish your Shop, it'll be open for business.
Is it free to convert my Shop?
Yes- converting your Shop is completely free.
Do I have to convert my Shop?
The new eBay Shops experience is optional. We encourage you to try it out, and if you decide it's not for you can always revert back to your old Shop.
  1. Go to Manage my Shop in My eBay.
  2. On the left side of the page, go to Shop Design and select Edit Shop.
  3. Towards the top of the page, click Revert to my old Shop.