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 How to create your own About Me page on eBay  
About Me
Create an About Me page () at eBay to inform eBay users about your company.

What you can use it for:
  • Let eBay users know who you are
  • Inform users about your products and the intellectual property rights you own in them
  • Provide tips to users on how to spot obvious fakes
  • Offer a contact point for users to ask you questions or report infringing items to you
  • Promote your products and sell the message that only genuine items are worth buying
How to create an About Me page:
  • Choose a layout
  • Add your information
  • Preview and save your page
Click on the link below to create your own About Me page.

Create your free About Me page


When you have completed your About Me page, eBay will send you the Web site address (URL). You can include it on emails to eBay users and your own promotional material. If you send a Notice of Infringement which results in an item being ended, the seller of that item will receive an email from eBay which includes a link to your About Me page. This provides the opportunity for the seller to read your About Me page and understand more about the IP rights you own and how they have been infringed.

Note: You can also read tips on using HTML to spruce up your About Me page.