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Pimp My Ride
is back!

eBay is partnering up with the classic MTV show! Stay tuned here as we’ll be showcasing each episode, with six lucky drivers getting hooked up! From custom rims and paint to the latest in lighting, car audio and video accessories, get inspired here and whip your very own wheels into shape.

Pimp your ride
Pimp your ride with eBay

Pimp your ride
with eBay

eBay has teamed up with MTV to create a new Pimp My Ride: the 2022 version will highlight upcycling & buying second-hand.

Wrench Studios will take you through your very own car makeover with how-to videos—you can also browse the parts & accessories shop on eBay!

until the first episode of Pimp My Ride!
Lady Leshurr - Pimp my ride host

Meet our host
Lady Leshurr

Need we introduce you to our presenter? The first lady of rap takes a break from freestyling to take the lucky participants to get their cars overhauled. Bringing glam to the garage, she proves to be a worthy host to the revamped programme.

Garage Crew

Introducing our
garage crew

Pimp My Ride 2.0’s car makeovers are carried out in one-stop auto shop Wrench Studios, led by brothers Ray and Hamid, using supplies provided by eBay’s dedicated car parts and accessories division.

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