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What is Authenticity Guarantee?  

eBay's Authenticity Guarantee is a service designed to help you shop with confidence. Jewellery experts with extensive industry knowledge physically inspect all eligible items before they are posted to you. 

How does Authenticity Guarantee work?

It’s easy! Browse and shop eBay’s listings with the “Authenticity Guarantee” badge. When an eligible item is purchased, the seller posts the item to the authentication facility. There, the item goes through a multi-step inspection process. Once verified, the item is carefully packed and posted to your address at checkout through fast, tracked, signature-required delivery.

Will I be charged a fee for Authenticity Guarantee?

No. Authenticity Guarantee is a complimentary service, and eBay covers the cost of authentication and fast, tracked, signature-required delivery from the authentication facility to the buyer.

Which jewellery items are eligible for Authenticity Guarantee?

Only selected listings on are eligible for the Service. eBay may amend the eligibility requirements for Eligible Items, including, but not limited to category, and/or value of items and/or transactions. Although only selected items are eligible at the current time, the Authenticity Guarantee will be rapidly expanding. Check listings for the “Authenticity Guarantee” blue tick badge to see if items are included at this time. Eligible Items must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Price: £500 and over, exclusive of postage (Auction items are also included in the service if the eligible item sells above £500.)
  2. Condition: New and Used UK items
  3. Category: Fine Jewellery, Engagement & Wedding, Men’s Jewellery, Costume Jewellery
  4. Branded jewellery: Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari, and Chopard

Unbranded jewellery: Unbranded jewellery is defined as jewellery with no attributable designer, brand, or logo.

All listed items must meet the requirements of the Hallmarking Act 1973.

Does eBay prohibit the sale of harmful materials in jewellery? 

Yes, eBay prohibits the sale of materials found in eBay’s Hazardous Materials and Prohibited Items policies. All jewellery listed on eBay (including items eligible for Authenticity Guarantee) must comply with eBay’s Jewellery Policy including all applicable legal requirements related to levels of metals such as nickel, cadmium and lead in jewellery. 

The following items are not eligible for Authenticity Guarantee:

1. Items not bearing the Authenticity Guarantee badge

2. Jewellery listed in categories not named above

3. Miscategorised items, e.g. other types of jewellery such as Jewellery Mixed Lots or other items listed in the categories named above.

4. Items with ineligible stones: jade, opal, turquoise, quartz, amber and pearl

5. Customised branded jewellery

6. Engraved branded jewellery not outlined above

6. Items purchased using an offline payment method

7. Listings that offer local pickup

8. Items posted to P.O. Boxes

9. Items in breach of the Hazardous Materials, Prohibited Items and/or Jewellery policies

Only items purchased on are eligible for Authenticity Guarantee. Items that post to a buyer address outside the UK are not eligible for the service at this time.

All listed items must meet the requirements of the Hallmarking Act 1973.

Ineligible items will not be authenticated. More information about item eligibility may be found here.

What aspects will be authenticated and how are aspect values determined? 

Authenticity Guarantee for jewellery is limited to a review of claims regarding item quality and characteristics listed by the seller. These claims are assessed within defined ranges and tolerances. For example: diamonds clearly stated as treated will not be verified for colour or clarity grades; coloured diamond treatments will not be verified; clarity is evaluated based on the area of the stone that is visible; areas of the stone that are covered by the setting will not be part of the evaluation and diamonds will only be verified for clarity when they are 0.15ct or more. More information may be found here

Is customised jewellery eligible for Authenticity Guarantee? 

At this time, only customised jewellery that is unbranded is eligible for Authenticity Guarantee. Customised branded jewellery is not eligible for Authenticity Guarantee.

An example of a customised item may be an item where the colour or composition of the original stone has changed, or where gemstones have been added. 

Are personalised items eligible for Authenticity Guarantee? 

Yes, unbranded personalised items are eligible. Branded items are only eligible if the personalisation was carried out by the brand.

For eligible unbranded and branded personalised items, the listing must state that the item has been personalised with an engraving. Our jewellery experts will verify that the personalisation matches what is stated in the listing. 

Who is providing eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee service?

eBay is collaborating with GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, to provide our Authenticity Guarantee service. GIA is a nonprofit institute dedicated to ensuring public trust in gems and jewellery. As a trusted authority on diamonds, coloured stones, and pearls, GIA upholds the highest standards in gemological research, education, and science. 

What happens at the authentication facility?

Once the item arrives at the authentication facility, jewellery experts will confirm that the item matches the listing. Then they will perform a multi-step inspection process to verify metal type, purity, and gemstone quality, among other characteristics as described in the listing. Finally, they will generate custom documentation verifying the item’s authenticity, and carefully pack the jewellery piece before posting it to the buyer via fast, tracked, signature-required delivery.

Is there an authentication card? 

Yes, all verified items come with custom physical and digital documentation providing more information about the item’s authenticity.

Will original reports be verified and included with the item? 

If the listing states that a report will be provided, the jewellery expert will confirm the report was included with the item. However, the information on the report will not be verified. Only reports from the Gemological Institute of America will be authenticated. Please note GIA will not be providing a new authentication report with the item. 

How long will the authentication process take?

After you purchase an eligible item, the seller is required to send the item to the authentication facility, where jewellery experts will inspect the item within two business days of receipt. Once authenticity is verified, as well as listing description accuracy, the item is carefully packed and posted to you via fast, tracked, signature-required delivery.

How can I track the progress of my purchase?

The order status will be updated in your “My eBay” purchase history and in the View Order Details section. Delivery information can be seen on My eBay Purchase History. The authentication status can be seen on View Order Details. You will also receive an order update email when your item has been inspected as part of the Authenticity Guarantee service.

Is signature confirmation required upon delivery?


Will I receive the original packaging with my purchase?

​​Yes, if the seller has included original packaging as described in the listing, all components will be sent to you.

What if the item does not pass inspection?

If the item does not match the listing or the item’s authenticity can’t be verified, you will be issued a full refund to your original payment method. 

Where is my item posted to, and why is it not my address?

Your jewellery will be posted to the authentication facility. Once verified, the jewellery will be sent to the address you entered at checkout.  

Can I return items purchased with Authenticity Guarantee? 

You can return an item if the seller accepts returns, as stated in the listing, and the return takes place within the seller’s return window. In the unlikely event that you receive an item that is not consistent with the listing, the item will be eligible for a return. In order for a refund to be processed, all returns must be sent to the authentication facility for verification (to check that the item is still in the same condition and has all relevant accessories, or that the item is not consistent with the listing) and re-authentication before the item is returned to the seller.

Learn more about eBay’s policy on condition of returned items here.

Does the eBay Money Back Guarantee protect authenticated items? 

Authenticity Guarantee purchases are covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee when all other eligibility requirements are met. Learn more about eBay Money Back Guarantee policy.

How does the return process work?

If returns are offered on the listing of the item you purchased or the item isn’t as described, the item will first be sent to eBay’s authentication facility. Within two business days of receiving the item, the authenticator will inspect the item to confirm that the item returned matches the item originally sent to you by verifying the authenticity and condition including any original packaging or accessories (for clarity, this includes the item’s box where applicable). Once verified by the authenticator, it will be posted to the Seller and a refund will be processed. The seller or buyer (as defined by the listing) is responsible for postage costs to the authenticator, and eBay covers the postage cost to the Seller. 

Why was the item sent back to me by the jewellery expert after I requested a return?

If the authenticator determines the returned item is not the same item, or is not in the same condition, it will be sent back to you and the return will be closed.

Can I choose to not have my item authenticated?

No, eBay's Authenticity Guarantee is a required service designed to protect buyers and sellers.

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