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Selling Manager

Migration Information for Seller's Assistant Basic users

eBay Selling Manager is eBay's new sales management tool. It offers a smarter and more efficient way to manage your listings throughout the sales cycle in real time and in My eBay.

eBay Selling Manager is not a listing tool. Sellers may list items from active ones, reschedule pending listings, or relist items using Selling Manager, but they can't create new listings with it. Instead, we highly encourage you to use Turbo Lister to create listings in bulk and Selling Manager to manage them. Turbo Lister is free; try it!

You may be wondering why we have created a new listing tool and a new sales management tool, when we already have Seller's Assistant Basic. With the combination of Turbo Lister and Selling Manager, we wanted to address all the functionality, usability, and reliability issues that our SA Basic users have brought to our attention throughout the years. We wanted to:
  • Offer some new powerful features (like fully customisable email templates and real time efficient tracking of shipping, payment and feedback status in bulk);
  • Improve the usability and reliability of eBay selling tools;
  • Make sales management easily accessible to anyone, online, through My eBay;
  • Give you the freedom to pick the listing tool of your choice. We wanted to make it easier not only for Turbo Lister but also Sell Your Item users to take advantage of Selling Manager's advanced features;
  • Offer international listing and management capability.
We want to do our best to show you the advantages of Selling Manager and help you become more efficient and successful in managing your eBay sales. Therefore we have set up the following:
  • Special subscription fee: eBay Selling Manager is a subscription-based tool. The subscription fee is identical to Seller's Assistant Basic's and is £3.50 a month. However if you are already a Seller's Assistant Basic user, you will not have to pay an additional £3.50 to try Selling Manager. If you decide to unsubscribe from Seller's Assistant Basic but remain subscribed to Selling Manager, eBay will simply continue charging £3.50 per month like before.
  • Easy import of your saved Seller's Assistant Basic items into Turbo Lister: we have built a simple and efficient import feature in Turbo Lister. It will copy all your item information from SA Basic into Turbo Lister at once. You can then start bulk listing using your new, free, and enhanced lister.
eBay Selling Manager will eventually replace Seller's Assistant Basic. However this will not happen overnight. We will first do our best to make sure Turbo Lister and Selling Manager meet your needs. We are planning on retiring Seller's Assistant Basic some time in the Spring of 2003. We encourage everyone to switch to using the Turbo Lister/Selling Manager combination. However we are aware that switching from a familiar tool to a new one is not easy and we want to give you the time you need. We will email you about detailed plans and timing for ending Seller Assistant Basic support as we get closer to Spring time.

Please note that eBay Selling Manager will not affect Seller's Assistant Pro at this time. Seller's Assistant Pro will continue to function normally. We do have plans for future enhancements to our premium selling tool, and we'll be announcing those plans in the coming months.

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