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Selling Manager Pro: How to Upgrade

From Selling Manager, Sell Your Item, Turbo Lister and Seller's Assistant Pro

eBay Selling Manager Pro is eBay's newest selling tool for high volume sellers who want to take their business to the next level. Selling Manager Pro will make you more efficient from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle.

Whether you currently use the Sell Your Item Form, Turbo Lister, My eBay, Selling Manager or Seller's Assistant Pro as a tool, you can easily upgrade to eBay Selling Manager Pro.

Are you using the Sell Your Item Form to list but need a more efficient online listing tool?
By subscribing to Selling Manager Pro you can save your Sell Your Item Forms every time you create them. You can quickly duplicate your Sell Your Item Forms with one click instead of re-entering the information over and over again.

In addition you can save your existing active and pending listings as Sell Your Item Form templates in Selling Manager Pro to avoid wasting time creating new listings especially if you often sell the same types of items.

Do you use Turbo Lister but want to take advantage of an integrated listing and sales management tool?
When subscribing to Selling Manager Pro you can continue to use Turbo Lister to create your listings if you feel more efficient with an offline tool yet still take advantage of the inventory management and reporting features in Selling Manager Pro. Alternatively, you can transfer all your items into Selling Manager Pro and start using its listing features. Either way, we have made it easy for you to import your Turbo Lister items into Selling Manager Pro and launch them from there.

You simply need to select "Export selected Items to Selling Manager Pro" from the File menu in Turbo Lister. The items created during the exporting process will be saved in Selling Manager Pro under a new folder called "Turbo Lister Products." The listing details exported from Turbo Lister will be stored as templates and will be associated with the newly created item.

Do you use Selling Manager but need a more efficient sales management tool?
When you choose to subscribe to Selling Manager Pro all of your Selling Manager information including email templates, stored Feedback messages, sold and archive listings will be automatically transferred into Selling Manager Pro.

Simultaneous access to both Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro is unavailable, if you prefer one over the other you can easily subscribe to one and unsubscribe from the other and still keep all your information intact.

Are you using Seller's Assistant Pro and want to try a powerful online selling tool?
If you are a current subscriber of Seller's Assistant Pro, but want to also subscribe to Selling Manager Pro, you will only be charged one £4.99 fee a month. You can have access to both Selling Manager Pro and Seller's Assistant Pro for only £4.99.

In addition, to save you more time we have made it easy to import your Seller's Assistant Pro items into Selling Manager Pro. You won't need to create all your items again. You simply select all the items you want to import into Selling Manager Pro and choose the export option in the file menu.

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