Follow the 3-step process to create effective email campaigns. Take advantage of the FREE "Welcome Email" that can be set up to introduce a user to your Shop when they first subscribe to your newsletter.

We have created several custom templates for you, such as: Welcome Email and Previous Purchase Email. Sending an email takes minimal set-up time, you can use what we give you in its entirety, modify what we have created, or start from scratch.

Step 1

A. Select a Template
On this page, you can decide what type of email you want to send and what type of layout you want to use for the mail.
  • Welcome Email
  • Ending Soonest Email
  • Newly Listed Email
  • Previous Purchase Email
  • Custom Email (Seller creates content and layout)
B. From the "Select a Template" page, you can also preview the email in your own Shop colors.

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