eBay Money Back Guarantee

After each eBay Money Back Guarantee refund, we ask our customers about their experience. Here are some of their answers.

eBay user billc7462

When I sell or buy an item I know I am dealing with people based all over the world. On the rare occasions I have had problems, eBay has always acted fairly and dealt with the matter in the simple-to-follow Resolution

The buyer's games console didn't arrive and the seller wasn't helpful, so billc7462 referred the case to eBay. After reviewing the case, eBay quickly refunded the full purchase price and postage costs.

eBay user schizy10

I'm new to eBay, and I've had no bad experiences! Even with the dispute recently, which was quite worrying because I thought I was going to lose my money. However I followed eBay's instructions, they were quite simple and straightforward, and it was sorted out in my favour. I find eBay simple and stress-free to use and now I've had [this] experience, I don't have any worries using eBay at all!!

Schizy10 ordered a multi-tool, but after payment the seller stopped responding. So he contacted eBay Customer Support and quickly got his money back.

eBay user 468leah

I think it's a safe and easy way to buy items and any problems I've had are sorted out by eBay.

An ordered pair of jeans didn't arrive. The seller explained it was due to flooding in his warehouse, but didn't issue a refund – eBay did.

eBay user rogerbl

Excellent platform for making purchases. Extremely efficient and effective in sorting out problems via the Resolution Centre on the very rare occasions that something may arise that cannot be resolved between buyer and seller directly.

The buyer's cutlery canteen arrived damaged. The seller asked him to contact the courier, but they didn't immediately offer help. When Roger contacted eBay we quickly organised the return of the item to the seller and issued a full refund.

eBay user 10aquarius1

I would recommend eBay to anyone as you know that you're secure and your money is safe.

Buyer ordered a pillow case that didn't arrive. When the buyer opened a case, the seller quickly issued a refund.

eBay user 628ray

I recommend eBay due to the range of items available and because I'm secure in the knowledge that any problems will be resolved.

A coffee machine arrived damaged, so eBay issued a refund as soon as the case was referred.

eBay Money Back Guarantee explained

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