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Grow Your Business on and off ebay

Grow Your Business
on and off eBay

Thousands of businesses accept PayPal both on and off eBay and it's been shown to increase online sales by up to 26%* thanks to a fast and secure checkout. You only pay 1.4% - 3.4% plus 20p per transaction and you can also benefit from special merchant rates and protection for your sales.

Why get paid with PayPal on eBay?

Avoid the wait

Buyers can pay you instantly with PayPal so there's no need to wait for your money and you can deliver items sooner, helping you keep your customers happy.

Score higher with buyers

As well as helping improve feedback, research^ has shown that when sellers are paid with PayPal, they get a higher average Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) than with other payment methods.

Protect your Sales

When you're paid with PayPal, you can get full protection^^ for your sales to help cover you against claims, chargebacks or unauthorised transactions. Learn more

Why accept PayPal off eBay?

Accept PayPal
Accept PayPal on your website
Whether you want to create a new website from scratch or add PayPal to your existing one, our recommended partners can help you get set up. You can also integrate PayPal directly and choose from a range of customisable options for a seamless checkout experience. Learn more
Send Invoice Notes
Send invoices with PayPal
Even if you don't have a website, you can still use PayPal to get paid. All you need is a PayPal Business account to send professional-looking, customisable invoices by email. Customers can simply click on a link to pay you instantly. Learn more
Protection against fraud
PayPal's fraud detection tools can identify and prevent a fraudulent transaction before it affects you. Learn more about PayPal security.
Full eBay integration
PayPal is fully integrated with eBay, so it's quick and easy to offer PayPal. It also enables you to manage all your PayPal sales both on and off eBay.

* Survey conducted by Northstar Research Partners, Q2 2011. Based on retailer-level data for 19 UK SMB retailers, representing 3,411 PayPal users.
^ DSR scores calculated for total eBay UK sales paid with PayPal vs. eBay UK sales not paid with PayPal
^^ Terms and exclusions apply.