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mooth selling with safer, faster payments

It's smooth selling
with safer, faster payments

PayPal is the faster, more secure way to get paid on eBay. Buyers can pay you instantly, without sharing any financial details, and the money goes straight into your PayPal account for you to withdraw or spend. All you pay is a low transaction fee of 1.4% -3.4% plus 20p and the more you sell, the less it costs. It's the fastest way to get paid on eBay and you can also get full seller protection.

Why get paid with PayPal?

Get your money faster
Get your money faster
If you get paid by cheque or postal order, it's a long wait before you actually receive your money. Buyers can pay you instantly with PayPal so to avoid the wait, simply list your items as PayPal-only payment.
Score higher with buyers
Score higher with buyers
Faster payment means you can deliver items sooner and aim for a higher feedback score. Research* has shown that when sellers are paid with PayPal, they get a higher average Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) than when they're paid by cheque or other payment methods.
Sell safely with seller protection
Sell safely with seller protection
When you get paid with PayPal, you can get full protection^ for your eBay sales so that you're covered against claims, chargebacks or unauthorised transactions. Learn more about seller protection.
Protection against fraud
PayPal's fraud detection tools can identify and prevent a fraudulent transaction before it affects you. Learn more about PayPal security.
Full eBay integration
PayPal is fully integrated with eBay, so it's quick and easy to offer PayPal. It also enables you to manage all your PayPal sales both on and off eBay.

* DSR scores calculated for total eBay UK sales paid with PayPal vs. eBay UK sales not paid with PayPal.
^ Terms and exclusions apply.